GOP failures have created a dramatic re-alignment of politics: Varney

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Trump turned to Democrats to get things done: Varney

FBNs Stuart Varney on President Trumps deal with Democrats on Hurricane Harvey and the debt ceiling.

In the political world, the earth just moved. President Trump turned to the Democrats to get things done. His tilt will continue: he wants tax reform, and it is Democrats who may give him the votes to get that done too.

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With Republicans running the House and the Senate, why does the president have to go outside his own party? Good question, easy answer.

The Republican Party has shown itself incapable of governing. And a big chunk of the blame for that goes to the Freedom Caucus – 36 conservative members of the House who always stand on principle. Good principles: small government, low taxes, free markets, cut spending...All good. But when it comes to votes, they just don't have them. They are left with an obstructionist role, dividing the party. And we end up with nothing. Remember ObamaCare? Still with us.

The president has had enough of this. Like the rest of us, he's tired of the endless wrangling. He's a business guy. He was elected to get things done. Politicians, even in his own party, couldn't get anything done.

So, he shakes up the political world and re-aligns his administration.

Result: we are much more likely to get tax reform. Therefore, we are much more likely to get the economic growth our country needs so badly.

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It’s time for all sections of the Republican Party to understand the nature of politics: it’s about being satisfied with 80% of what you want. It’s about governing.

So far, the GOP has failed.

That’s why we have this dramatic re-alignment of politics. The president went with the Democrats because, to get anything done, he had to.

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