Gingrich: We're In a Global War With Radical Islamic Supremacism

Former House Speaker and Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, (R-GA), weighs in on the Obama Administration’s handling of the war on terrorism in the wake of the most recent attack at an airport in Istanbul, Turkey.

“The fact is that this is an administration that even today cannot bring itself to tell the truth about the size of the problem, the danger of the problem,” Gingrich told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Gingrich then discussed the motivations behind attacks such as the one in Istanbul as well as in Orlando.

“The president and others wondered about the motivation of the Orlando killer, well the motivation of the terrorist in Orlando was the same as the motivation of the three terrorists in Istanbul. These are people who want to impose an Islamic supremacism on the world. They believe they are morally driven to kill those who won’t do it.”

Gingrich said the aversion to calling these atrocities acts of radical Islamic terrorism actually began under George W. Bush’s Administration.

“As early as part of George W. Bush’s Administration, the State Department was pushing very hard to avoid describing this accurately on the grounds it would alienate Muslims. You have the current Secretary of Homeland Security [Jeh Johnson] who’s far more concerned about the ability to talk with the Muslim community than he is with the ability to define and focus on those people who would kill us.”

Gingrich sees changes in the State Department and Department of Homeland Security as necessary in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghazi and the Obama Administration’s strategy against terrorism.

“You have to understand that the State Department has to be cleaned out, a large part of Homeland Security has to be cleaned out. Certainly we need a new Attorney General who thinks fighting radical Islamists is a good thing, not trying to love them to death, but that’s part of why you have an election.”

Gingrich views Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghazi as part of a broader trend of lies and cover ups.

“She [Hillary Clinton] does own it. Look, anybody who pays any attention to public life understands Hillary Clinton is a consummate, permanent liar; She lies about Benghazi, she lies all the way back to cattle futures before they got elected, she lies about what’s happened with her emails, she lies about the Clinton Foundation.”

But once Election Day comes, Gingrich said, “What people have to decide is, is it acceptable to have a Commander-in-Chief who is routinely willing to lie, including lying to the families of those who were killed about what the problem was in Benghazi?”

Gingrich predicted the anti-establishment trends occurring globally will work against Hillary Clinton.

“Everywhere you turn right now the establishment is getting hammered. My guess is that Hillary Clinton is going to get somewhere between 39% and 42% on Election Day.” Gingrich continued, “If it is a referendum on Hillary Clinton, she will lose very badly on Election Day.”