Gingrich: Democrats Are Living in "La La Land"

As speculation heats up over President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, (R-GA) weighed in on who is most qualified for the position.

Though many in Trump’s base are denying rumors Mitt Romney is under consideration to lead the State Department, according to Gingrich some in D.C. think Romney would actually be a good choice.

“Kellyanne Conway gets two days of coverage for saying the obvious which is that the Trump base deeply, deeply disapproves of Romney.  On the other hand, my impression is that Speaker Ryan really wants him, V.P. Pence really thinks he’d do a good job, Chief of Staff Reince Preibus thinks he’d do a good job.”

Though Gingrich believes Trump and Romney could relate to one another as businessmen, he said appointing Romney to the position would be a mistake.

“If Trump picks Romney, I’ll support it, but until he picks Romney I will speak out against it very strongly.  I think it’s a huge mistake and I think that it absolutely flies in the face of the overwhelming bulk of his supporters.”

Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus, who met with Trump as well, is also reportedly being considered for the post.  But some have raised concerns over comparisons between Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and a similar incident in which Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for mishandling classified information in 2015.

“To compare what Petraeus did with what Clinton did is like comparing a rowboat and the Titanic, there is just no real comparison of the problem,” Gingrich said.

Though he supports Petraeus, Gingrich is eyeing someone else for the position of Secretary of State.

“Petraeus is a very smart man, I’ve known him for a long time.  He is deeply patriotic, deeply committed to the country, but frankly you’ve got other people, Sen. Corker coming in, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, my personal preference would be Rudy Giuliani who I think without a doubt would be the most aggressive defender of America.”

Gingrich then reacted to criticisms that the Democratic Party  has been in disarray since the presidential election.

“The Democrats are going crazy. I mean, you know, the British under Thatcher used to have what they called the ‘looney left.’”

According to Gingrich the calls for a recount and reports Rep. Keith Ellison is being considered to head the DNC are raising eyebrows about the future of the Democratic Party.

“Well, I mean, you look at this recount thing and then you look at the potential for Keith Ellison to become the Democratic National Committee Chairman and you just say to yourself, I mean, this is a party which is running off of the edge and will presently be in la la land and it’s amazing to watch.”