Georgia Gov. Kemp 'strategizing' with other governors against Biden vaccine mandates

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also tweeted that he would be suing the Biden administration

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said he and other Republican governors are "strategizing" on how to push back against COVID vaccine mandates announced yesterday by President Biden, and that his state is "looking into all legal options."

"We’re looking at all legal options right now," Kemp said on FOX Business’ "Kudlow." 

"But it’s not just us," he continued. "There’s a lot of other governors around the country and attorneys general around the country that are strategizing right now on how we can push back on this." 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton also announced today that he would be suing the Biden administration over what he called the "most unconstitutional, illegal thing" he has seen from any modern presidential administration. 

"This is an egregious, tyrannical power grab that stands no chance in court," the Texas attorney general’s tweet continued. 

Biden’s plan would force companies with more than 100 employees to vaccinate workers against the coronavirus or test them weekly. 

"It’s unfortunate that a President who said he’s going to unite the country continues to divide with mandates like this," Kemp told host Larry Kudlow. "All it’s doing is causing people to fight and argue when we should be uniting and educating people about the vaccine." 

Kemp said that by pushing back against Biden’s mandates, he and other Republican governors are "fighting for businesses," noting the issue was much broader than just COVID vaccines. 

"It’s not just about this one issue. I mean, what are they going to do next?" he said. "If they set the precedent for this, what are they going to come for next in your business or your nonprofit that you’re running."


Kudlow called Biden’s actions "federal government central-planning police power," and suggested that the actions are an attempt to distract the public from the chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

Kemp agreed, saying "this is pandemic politics 3.0 now," and that in addition to being an attempt to distract the public from the crisis in Afghanistan and at the southern border, it was taking attention away from "runaway inflation" caused by Biden’s policies. 


"He’s using federal agencies as a political pawn," Kemp said. 

Kemp noted that he has been vaccinated, but rather than focusing on mandates, Biden should be promoting vaccine education and encouraging the public to discuss the vaccine with their medical provider.