Gary Johnson Says This Plan From the 90s Will Create an ‘Invincible National Defense’

During an interview on Cavuto: Coast to Coast, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson reacted to Donald Trump’s plan for more military spending and explained how he would make an “impenetrable and invincible national defense.”

“The Pentagon itself, if you remember the BRAC [Base Realignment and Closure] commission in the mid-90s, they said that 25 percent more U.S. bases could be closed. Well I think reinstituting BRAC and closing those 25 percent bases… We need to be smart about this but throwing money at, in this case the military, Donald Trump, you know what? That’s going to bust the budget,” he said.

He added, “[Trump] and Hillary both have their heads in the sand over the entitlements, Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security. It’s a fiscal cliff we are headed toward unless we actually address these issues.”

The former New Mexico governor hopes to make the stage for future Presidential debates.