From Moore to Franken, freakiness knows no party: Kennedy

It's a tale of tawdry tentacles in the Senate as the latest Al Franken allegations add a layer of intrigue to potential senator Roy Moore's ongoing crises.

Roy Moore used to be famous for the Ten Commandments, but now it's nearly 10 women who are commanding the spotlight and tanking his chances of becoming a U.S. Senator.

With numerous accusers whittling themselves out of the woodwork each day, Moore is suffocating under the weight of gossip and his improbable innocence. Deep red Alabama is going to have to decide who they'll send to the Senate, but it's got embattled Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's panties in a bundle: what on earth can they do about joy boy Roy?

If he's guilty, he's a creepy pederast with more glitches than the new iPhone, and he's just crazy enough to stay in the race.

In the meantime, current Senator Al Franken could resign and Republicans will no doubt war game to try and flip his seat to a fellow elephant, which would make the senatorial math even fuzzier. There are a couple of scenarios here: Franken could resign and the numbers would most likely stay the same, or he could stay and wound his party causing optical challenges in the midterms. The Moore situation is far more fluid.

In the off chance he wins, it would be wildly hypocritical of the GOP to threaten unseating the tighty whitey because they're unhappy with the results. It's hard to criticize Democrats who are trying to do the exact same thing to the president.

Franken's troubles further complicate that as he's used the hashtag #MeToo on social media, and Dems no longer have the moral high ground as freakiness knows no party.