Franken's resignation gives Democrats a creep insurance policy: Kennedy

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Franken delivered a creep insurance policy in resignation: Kennedy

FOX Business’ Kennedy on Minnesota Sen. Al Franken’s (D) resignation.

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) announced his resignation today and delivered a creep insurance policy to his party who, with his sacrifice, now have the upper hand in the sexual harassment debate.

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While Franken lacked contrition and essentially refused to take any responsibility for the sexual misconduct he's been accused of, he did take a jab at the president and Senate hopeful Roy Moore.

So if Franken is this unparalleled champion of women, why step down? Because he knows there is enough damning truth here in the pattern laid out by eight women, and doggonit Democrats don't like him anymore.

Speaking of Moore, as long as Franken remained in the upper chamber, Republicans had cover in endorsing Alabama molester Roy Moore. Now that Democrats have disposed of their bi-cameral bad boys Franken and Conyers, they can take the phony baloney high road and say they've cleaned house while Republicans are housing a monster.

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Franken may be remorseless and soon to be jobless, but now Democrats are better positioned to capitalize on the issue when Moore's election hands them the easy moral and fundraising victory.

The vacancy does nothing to stem the potential tide that could wash dozens of congressional barnacles out to sea, and while Franken is smug and done, there is still plenty of momentum to give him company in his sex trap.

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