Former Police Commissioner Kelly: NYC is #1 Terror Target in U.S.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly discussed the recent terrorist attacks and the threats against New York City  with FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Kelly talked about the hostage situation in Mali and the potential terrorist threats ahead.

“No, it’s not going away, we’ll be fighting this battle for a long, long time to come.  ISIS and its affiliates are powerful, I’ve never seen a terrorist organization with the resources that they have, the weapons, the money, they actually have a property the size of Indiana that they’ve taken over, the caliphate and they want to expand that,” Kelly said.

The former NYC Police Commissioner discussed the potential terrorist threats to New York City.

“Yeah, the operating assumption here is that New York is definitely a target and will be an enduring target. The intelligence community thinks that New York is the number one target in this country.  New York has also done more than any other city to protect itself.”

Kelly talked about how the U.S. should respond to the Syrian refugee crisis.

“We have to do a much more effective job of vetting.  I don’t think we should shut off the program, but we’re going to have to delay it.”

Meanwhile, Kelly’s answer to calls for him to run for Mayor of New York City seemed noticeably less negative than in the past.

‘Well, thank you, we’ll see what happens,’ responded the former Commissioner. Kelly also addressed how incidents in cities such as Ferguson, Missouri have potentially impacted how police do their jobs.

“I’ve never seen a police officer in my over 40 years of experience ever run from danger, it’s a different kind of concern that they have.  They’re concerned about their career, they’re concerned about their family’s well being.”