Former Miss America looks to flip Alabama congressional seat Democratic

Former Miss America Mallory Hagan is hoping to do something that hasn’t been done in over 20 years during this year’s midterm elections: flip Alabama’s third congressional district to blue.

The Democratic nominee told FOX Business that she is running on a leadership-focused platform that pushes forward the political issues that voters in Alabama care most about, including healthcare, education and equality.

“I do think I am running on a platform on leadership and to me leadership includes compassion and kindness,” she said during an interview on FOX Business’ “The Intel Report” on Tuesday.

Alabama is a state that historically has been traditionally conservative. President Trump won Alabama in the 2016 presidential election with 62% of the votes.

Hagan said she is not running on a resist President Trump platform, but is urging congressional leaders in Washington to lead by example to give hope to the young people in America.

“Being a role model for our young people to look up to and I do think that is important to our representatives and I do hope that is something that helps people see me in this role as a viable candidate,” she said.

Hagan is building considerable momentum against Republican incumbent Rep. Mike Rogers heading into the midterm elections.

“Congressman Rogers has had his door closed…He is not listening to his constituents,” she said.

The Memphis-born Hagan, who was Miss America in 2013, also weighed in on the pageant’s decision to no longer feature the swimsuit portion of the completion.

“I am okay with it,” Hagan said. “I am never going to fault the organization for wanting young women to learn how to better their bodies both mind and emotion and physically, all of those things.”

Hagan wants everyone to know that her participation in the pageant has nothing to do with her ability to work as a public servant.

“There’s so many things I did throughout my year that no one ever knows about and doesn’t even think to ask about because they say things like, ‘What’s it like to walk on stage in a swimsuit?’” she said. “Well it has nothing to do with the job I did for the year.”