For GOP, a year that began with promise ends with disappointment: Varney

One year ago, America woke up to a new president—President Trump.

One year later, disappointed Hillary supporters scream at the sky, to show how unhappy they still are.

Well, there are a lot of disappointed Republican voters, too. They don't scream, but they sure are grumbling, and with good reason.

Job one, repealing ObamaCare, didn't happen. And by the way, it’s just come back to bite us again: The IRS chief now wants to fine small businesses that didn't meet ObamaCare reporting requirements—$9 billion! A nice parting shot from John Koskinen. If the Republicans had replaced ObamaCare this wouldn't be happening.

Job two, tax reform, is still not done. And what we've seen of the plan so far has been disappointing. Yes, it helps business. Good. And yes, it helps the middle class. Very good. But, it doesn't cut taxes for everyone, many people will pay more! And it doesn't bring us to 4% growth. That’s not me making that forecast, that’s from the Republicans who wrote the plan!

In-fighting has not helped the GOP’s image. And we've seen a lot of infighting! Division is a better word: Is Maine’s Susan Collins in the same party as Ted Cruz? The Democrats came together to pass ObamaCare, but the republicans couldn't get together to kill it.

In short, after a year in power, many are beginning to wonder what the Republican message really is. Frankly, it feels more like the party of big spender Nelson Rockefeller than tax cutting Ronald Reagan.

Who would’ve thought: One year on, Democrats are still howling about Hillary’s loss. And, for Republicans, a year that began with so much promise, ends with more than a little disappointment.

Politics, clearly in disarray, is not good for anyone.