Fmr. U.S. AG Gonzales Has Questions for Clinton and the DOJ

Hillary Clinton claimed ignorance on Monday about BleachBit, the software used to allegedly permanently wipe emails, after being ordered by Congress to save those records. If this is true, would it be considered destruction of evidence?

“I would call it obstruction of justice…When you destroy evidence after being told to preserve. Getting a preservation order typically comes from a judge or often times it comes from a prosecutor or from Congress – and you get in trouble if you don’t obey that order,” said former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney,

While it’s hard to say whether there was any wrongdoing, Attorney General Gonzales questioned the Department of Justice’s investigation.

“It appears to me that the Attorney General [Loretta Lynch] stepped back, almost a recusal and basically said, ‘whatever the FBI has found and whatever they recommend, I’m going to accept.’ That’s one of the main problems I’m having here. It is the job of the Attorney General and the prosecutors to make that decision — not the FBI. Otherwise, you have the investigators making these kind of prosecutor decisions without any kind of check and I think that’s dangerous,” he said.

On whether Hillary Clinton is fit to be President of the United States, he said: “I’ve got some questions about her judgment and I think the American voters should have questions about that judgment and should try to get as much information as they can because judgment is important in this position.”