Fmr. Shiloh, Israel Mayor: Friends of Israel Must Vote for Trump

Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel David Rubin says Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is the best candidate for the state of Israel.

In an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co., Mr. Rubin laid out his reasons why he thinks anyone who is a friend of Israel should cast their vote for Trump.

“Trump stands with Israel when it comes to building in Israel’s capital. He is in favor of permits for Israelis to build in Israel’s designated capital, Jerusalem. Hillary Clinton is against,” he said.

American Jews have historically sided with the Democratic political spectrum as more than 70 percent of Jewish people have voted for a Democratic candidate.

“American Jews have historically been Democrats from the time that they came here as immigrants to the United States,” Rubin told host Stuart Varney. He went on to say, “Those Jewish people who really hold Israel as up in there list of priorities of issues that are most important to them will vote for Trump."

Rubin says some of the issues that greatly concern American Jews such as abortions and prayers in public schools have become a higher priority than the concerns for the state of Israel.

“Unfortunately, American Jews tend to be very secular and the 70 percent of American Jews that are very secularized do tend to vote Democratic. The 15% or so that are Orthodox that are the more religious Jews, they go Republicans in most cases,” Rubin explained.

However, Rubin sees a clear shift in that the American Jewish community is becoming more Orthodox.