Fmr. Miss California USA: Allegations Against Trump Seem 'Opportunistic'

Former Miss California USA is standing by Donald Trump in the wake of recent allegations of sexual misconduct.

Carrie Prejean, who won the title in 2009, said in an interview with Stuart Varney that she disagrees with these allegations and feels they are an attempt to “smear” the Republican presidential nominee.

“This is just another example of how 80-85% of the media is against Mr. Trump and they will do everything possible to try and discredit him, to try to smear him, to try to create stories and make up things to try and silence him. And this is a movement that’s going on. And they want to stop this movement. And it’s obviously an attempt to try and silence him.”

The former beauty queen said she has spent time with Trump and noted that he has “always been respectful of women.”

“I just find it a little opportunistic that these women, decades later, are coming forward during the most important election in the history of the United States and saying that Mr. Trump allegedly harassed them or touched them,” Prejean said. “I wasn’t there, but I just think it’s a little opportunistic at this point to come out and say these things about Mr. Trump when he’s winning so far.”

This isn’t the first time the media has cast Trump in a negative light, according to Prejean, who said a passage in her book was taken out of context by a reporter in order to further attack the GOP nominee.

“[The media] made it seem like they did an exclusive interview with me, and I said these negative things about Mr. Trump, when if they just read a couple sentences down in my book they would have learned that I have the utmost respect for Mr. Trump. And I even said in my book that I support him and I owe a lot to him,” Prejean explained.

On the election, she said:

“You have either to choose a corrupt politician who’s been in office for over three decades, or you have a change-maker who’s a political outsider who was in the entertainment business, who is a billionaire. And so you can’t really hold them up to the same standard. I mean Hillary Clinton, look what she’s done. I mean look at all the women that she’s defamed over the years. And so I really just think this is such a smear campaign against Mr. Trump.”