Fmr. Gov. John Sununu: Hillary Clinton Will Bankrupt America

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battle their way toward the ballot boxes this November, voters are paying very close attention to the candidates’ economic promises.

John Sununu, former White House Chief of Staff under President George H.W. Bush, told the FOX Business Network that a Clinton presidency will be dangerous for the U.S. economy.

“If she succeeds in getting elected, I’m worried she’ll keep her promises,” he said. “She’ll create chaos in terms of spending. What she’s promised alone on college loans and increased support for public healthcare will bankrupt America.”

Sununu, who previously served as Governor of New Hampshire, also explained why Clinton’s policies might lead to a severe debt crisis.

“I think it will get to the point where we will have lost credibility in the financial markets with the size of our debt,” he said. “Once that starts happening, interest rates go up and when you add interest rates, which right now have been carried by Obama at an extremely low level, it compounds itself. It spirals out of hand.”

Commenting on Donald Trump’s White House bid, Sununu said:

“For Donald Trump, the most important thing is going to be the three debates and coming into them with a credible plan and a personality projection in those debates that makes America think he can and should be president.”