Fmr. Gov. Jindal: Obamacare is Slamming the Middle Class

Former Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal weighed in on a federal judge ruling Obamacare funding was unconstitutional.

“I thought it was actually comical, if you listen to the court case, the Obama Administration’s own attorneys, this wasn’t Republicans, their own attorneys said, ‘well this was just a poorly written law.’” the former Louisiana Governor told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

Jindal raised concerns about how the Obama Administration initially handled funding for the Affordable Care Act.

“The Administration again and again thinks they’re above the law.  Any basic high school student, anybody that’s taken a basic civics course understands that Congress has the power of the purse.  They asked Congress for this money, Congress said no in 2014 and they spent it anyway,” Jindal said.

Jindal then pointed to Obama Administration claims that Obamacare would reduce health care costs.

“The president said he was going to bend down the cost curve when it comes to health care, they didn’t do that.  Neil, they are bad not just at constitutional law, they are bad at math. The reality is, the result of this case, if it is upheld, you’re looking at 20%-30% premium increases for the majority of people who get their health care through the exchanges, who get their silver plans through the federal exchanges.  Something like 57% are getting these subsidies,” said Jindal.

And Jindal says that taxpayers and health insurance companies will be left dealing with the aftermath of these rising costs.

“Now the reality is the taxpayers will end up paying for that.  It’s not going to hurt low-income people, it will hurt taxpayers and insurance companies,” Jindal said.

Jindal then pointed out the potential impact on Obamacare of the next Supreme Court Justice appointment.

“It’s so important who the next president is, they’ll be appointing a key person to the Supreme Court, you mentioned the Administration has won twice now at the Supreme Court and at very closely decided cases, and again, the next Justice could be the swing vote.  There’s not a chance in the world Hillary Clinton is going to appoint a Supreme Court Justice who will follow the law, follow the constitution.  She was herself the originator of the precursor to Obamacare, Hillarycare, she herself thinks she’s above the law,” said Jindal.

Jindal said Obamacare is adding to the economic pressures weighing on America’s middle class and their families.

“But you’re right, you made the most important point, it’s the middle class, they’re the ones that are going to end up, they’re the ones, they and their children will pay for this debt, they’re the ones whose premiums haven’t gone down, they’re premiums have gone up, they’re the ones who are facing fewer choices in the health insurance marketplace,” Jindal said.