Fmr. Gov. Huntsman: Bipartisan Deal Making a Reality With Trump


The one thing Trump must do to succeed in the White House

Former Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. (R-UT) on what Donald Trump needs to do to rally the Republican coalition.

Former Republican Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. believes the U.S. could see more bipartisan deal making under President-elect Trump’s tenure as Commander-in-Chief.

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“He comes from the business deal-making world,” Huntsman said. “I’ve lived in that world. I’ve lived in the political deal-making world. I suspect that being the pragmatic dealmaker that he is, he’s gonna find some Democratic convergence.”

He added: “You had in President Obama somebody who didn’t want to engage directly with Congress so nothing got done… This is the first time since the 1920s that Republicans pretty much control everything. I suspect they’re gonna want to be smart about learning some lessons early on that allow them to get some bipartisan wins, building new muscle mass so that you can actually make the machinery of legislation begin to work,” Huntsman told the FOX Business Network.

The former governor, who ran for President in 2012, noted that some issues might not win support from both sides of the isle—like the Supreme Court nomination and immigration reform. However, he explained why he believes healthcare, as well as tax reform and infrastructure, could be areas where both parties agree to work together.

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“Healthcare reform, as tricky and sensitive as that is, I think, is another area of possibility for bipartisan cooperation,” Huntsman said. “So jettisoning Obamacare, which will be done, has to be coupled with ‘okay now what?’ You gotta build it up into something, and I think it’s the building up part that I suspect you can find some bipartisan convergence on—you have to. Or else you’re gonna have a replay of eight years ago and I think we’re too smart now.”

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