Fmr. Commerce Sec. Gutierrez: We Are Making Mistakes in Existing Immigration System

During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez discussed the New York and New Jersey bombings and why he’s against Trump’s plan to build a wall.

Secretary, the response you heard from officials tip-toeing over terror, maybe for good reason, maybe they are just afraid [of the] next level, but it looks like terrorism does it not?” FBN’s Neil Cavuto asked asked Gutierrez.

“I would call it terrorism. If you have a bomb going off and injuring more than 20 people and creating terror -- [then] what the heck is it?... It’s interesting that people are tying this into building a wall… Unless we realize that we have a black market for labor, we’re going to have no control whatsoever over who enters the country regardless of how high the wall is,” Gutierrez told Cavuto.

“But we are not good at keeping track of that? You raised some eyebrows when you said you can’t support Trump because of that, but we’ve since learned that more than 800 immigrants were mistakenly granted citizenship, so we are making mistakes with the existing system we have, right?” asked Cavuto.

“And that’s exactly the point,” answered Gutierrez.

Gutierrez added, “We only started using finger prints in 2010. In 2006, in President Bush’s bill, we recommended a biometric card for folks who had obtained legal status so that they’d have their finger prints on their biometric card. We are not using e-verify. We are not using technology, we are still using paper. So, it just shows we don’t pay attention to our legal immigration system. We are paying attention to the politics of immigration.”