Fiorina: Would be ‘Fun’ to Take on Hillary

In an interview on Mornings with Maria on the FOX Business Network, GOP hopeful Carly Fiorina said she fits the bill for becoming the next president of the United States of America.

“People are sick of the status quo of politics and politics as usual… So they look to someone from the outside [that] is qualified to challenge the status quos,” she said.

Fiorina said she understands the economy and how to get it growing again.

“We have an economy now that is characterized in industry after industry by crony-capitalism… And crony capitalism happens when you have very big government and business bulks up to deal with this big complicated government…. We need to go back to where does growth really come from… innovation and growth has always been small – small business, family owned business, new business… We are destroying more businesses than we are creating,” she said.

Fiorina believes her ties to foreign leaders could put America back into a leadership position.

“The world is a more dangerous and a more tragic place when we are not leading… I know more foreign leaders than anyone else running, with the possible exception of Hillary Clinton, only I did do photo-ops with Vladimir Putin or the Royal Family of Saudi or the Chinese leadership. I have had substantive meetings. And when we don’t stand by our allies and confront our adversaries, which is, not what we are doing right now -- then the world becomes a very dangerous place,” she said.

She also offered her views on the Iran nuclear deal and global relations.

“Drastic unilateral action has to be taken by the next Commander in Chief, which I would be prepared to do, which gets at their money flow… The other phone call I would be prepared to make… is to Netanyahu -- to reassure him that we will stand with the state of Israel,” she said.

As far as a battle for the White House between herself and Clinton, Fiorina believes she would win.

“Wouldn’t that be fun… If Hillary Clinton debates me, she can’t talk about being a mother and grandmother… She can’t talk about being a woman… What she is going to have to talk about is her lack of trustworthiness… lack of track record of leadership, what her policies would do this nation… and guess what-- on that ground we can win,” she said.