Financial Crisis Lessons Ignored

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Neil’s Spiel: How about a plan to make sure we never get to the brink?

First Trust Advisors Chief Economist Brian Wesbury and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the Federal Reserve’s emergency plan if the U.S. defaulted on its debt.

The next time the financial wheels come off, just know the Federal Reserve's ready to move in. It's got a plan... in case we default on our debt.

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How about a plan to make sure we don't have to use that plan?

How about taking measures to avoid that last measure?

How about everyone in Washington work together on a plan that makes sure we never get to the brink?

How about a plan to avoid financial Armageddon BEFORE we get there?

How about a plan where we don't have to take emergency measures because we've already made the right measures? And taken the right actions, and set ourselves on a course to not spending money we don't have, or printing more money to make up for the money we don't have?

How about we get ahead of the curve, rather than frantically plan for cleaning up the mess after we go over the curve, and careen down the cliff?

How about we don't put the onus on the Fed? How about you, Congress and Mr. President, be the adults in the room... and make sure we're never at that point?

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