Federal courts are filled with Democrats trying to subvert Trump: Dobbs

Now we return to DACA and the latest intervention by an activist federal judge.

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup, a Clinton appointee, has acted to temporarily block the Trump administration from phasing out DACA until litigation plays out or congress comes up with a legislative solution.

One of the lead plaintiffs in the case none other than University of California president and former Obama DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, who helped create DACA in the first place.

Constitutional law professor Josh Blackman writing in The National Review, slammed the liberal judges’ decision as quote "an amateur act of punditry."

The White House calling the decision quote "outrageous." And President Trump blasting the broken court system, accusing opponents of running to the Ninth Circuit, the appellate court which will hear the case if it's appealed.

The leftist Ninth Circuit has already targeted the administration over its travel bans and funding cuts for sanctuary cities.

However, the Supreme Court has overturned nearly 80% of the Ninth Circuit's decisions. Let's be clear, the federal courts are filled with dimms who are committed to judicial activism. In many cases, they are committed to subverting the Trump presidency and administration.

And as much as the president wants to work meaningfully with the Democrats, it is clear that what he faces is an entrenched deep state aligned with both the Democrats and GOP establishment who together mean to disrupt the president and his policies at every opportunity.

And let me repeat, the head of the biggest business lobby in the country, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, talked with Bret Baier last night for seven full minutes, about all the president has achieved in his first year. And not once did Donohue even mention the president or his name, this while talking about 4% economic growth, historic stock market gains, up $7 trillion since the president was elected, a 4% unemployment rate, historic tax reform. Remember this president in tax reform has given American big business a 40% tax cut, and the head of the biggest business lobby didn’t' even mention the president's name.

Not once in seven minutes. Why is that, I wonder. Don't you?