FBN’s Kennedy: Why Jim Carrey is wrong about socialism

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Jim Carrey tells Democrats to ‘say yes to socialism’

FBN’s Kennedy discusses how actor Jim Carrey urged Democrats to embrace socialism, during his appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

It must be hard being Jim Carrey. His precipitous fall from comedic grace has climaxed in a sad thud as the once brilliant rubber-faced comic has transformed into an unfunny, thick human hemorrhoid.

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Carrey took his talents to Bill Maher this weekend to extoll the virtues of socialism.

What do these rich idiots not understand about socialism whose supposed truth is more virtuous than freedom? Socialism is antithetical to freedom, because when it breeds and thrives, people die. The promise of socialism is a lie. Democrats apologize for this Marxist utopia because it's a proven failure with 100 million victims in its wake who've been murdered or starved to death because that's where rampant centralized planning drops you: in the grave!

Carrey waxes about the efficient empathy of Canada’s health care system, where wait times to see a specialist have ballooned 128% since 1993 according to the Fraser Institute. That's not kind, that's inhumane. Maher blathers about military waste and Pentagon programs that are socialistic and unsustainable, but he wants to knee freedom in the tic tac sack by adding programs that are more expensive, less sustainable and all the more reason we have to shout no to socialism because we can't afford it.

I have no problem with military and entitlement reform, lower costs raise freedom. What i don't appreciate are out of touch multi-millionaires spouting fallacies in their political bathhouse that will lead to the unhappiest ending of all: death.

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