FBI should completely shut down: Judicial Watch's Chris Farrell

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell is calling for the complete abolishment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) beginning with the resignation of its director, Christopher Wray, after failing to protect American citizens.

The law enforcement agency has come under scrutiny for becoming too politicized in the probe into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and the Russian dossier that may have helped authorities obtain FISA warrants to conduct surveillance on Trump campaign officials.

“I would go back 200 years to the U.S. Marshal Service. I would create a new division for investigation and in about 6-8 months, I would shut the FBI down,” Farrell said during an interview on FOX Business “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

The Judicial Watch director said agents would be allowed to laterally apply to a new investigative unit and agents would be allowed to apply to a new investigative arm of the U.S. Marshal Service. The FBI would cease to exist.

“There’s a systemic institutional problem. We can walk back to the Tsarnaev brothers where they missed the leads, multiple leads on them. You can go back to Whitey Bulger for that matter. You can go back to existing corruption in El Paso, Texas,” Farrell said.

In April 2013, Tsarnaev and his younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, set off two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The horrific explosion killed three people and injured more than 260.

James Joseph "Whitey" Bulger, the infamous Massachusetts mob boss, was arrested in 2011 after 15 years being hunted by the FBI.

“Here’s the problem. If nothing changes, nothing changes,” Farrell said. “There’s gotta be a radical, very penetrating severe examination and you have to turn over some furniture here.”