FBI got 'phony dirt' on Trump from Democrats, Russians, says Rep. Nunes

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., while discussing the Democrats' rebuttal memo, said Democrats conspired with Russians to help Hillary Clinton defeat Trump in 2016.

“We found collusion between the Democrats and the Russians, digging up dirt, phony dirt, and then funneling it into the FBI to use it against the Trump campaign,” Nunes said Monday in an exclusive interview with FOX Business’ Maria Baritromo on “Mornings with Maria.”

The memo, released on Saturday, claimed to disprove the findings of Nunes’ memo, which said the dossier was partly paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign.

“The Republicans wanted this out because we believe it proves everything we said in our memo to be true,” he said.  “We talk specifically about FISA abuse and they are actually saying that it is okay for one party to essentially, get dirt, use it to spy on another party, and that is never going to be okay in America.”

Last week he sent a letter and questionnaire to at least a dozen government officials in the Obama and Trump administrations regarding their knowledge of the dossier. Refusal to answer the questions would result in a legal penalty, Nunes said.

He pointed out how the media won’t cover the story.

“We found collusion but it’s being ignored by everyone in the media,” he said.