Farage on Why Democrats Lost: People Were Sick to Death of a Career Political Class

Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party, joined the FOX Business Network to discuss why the Democratic Party lost the U.S. presidential election.

“People were sick to death of a career political class, working hand and glove with big business, with big banks in their own interests, who had completely lost touch with ordinary people, their hopes and aspirations,” Farage said.

A member of the European Parliament for the South East of England, Farage, said that this “phenomenon” is not exclusive to America, but is also occurring across the pond in Britain.

“We’ve had enough [of] being led by people who are so hamstrung by political correctness, they dare not discuss the issues that we talk about at our dinner tables every night,” he said. “And what they had in 2016 was a seriously good kicking and I think in Europe, this year, there may be a few more of those to happen too.”

Farage also discussed the potential for a trade deal between Britain, which recently voted to exit the European Union, and the U.S. under Trump’s leadership.

“A lot of people around Trump want this to happen,” he said. “There’s a lot of cross investment between Britain and America, and we can put together a trade deal—not just on goods, but on financial services too—that would be mutually beneficial, good for growth, good for jobs and I’d love to see it happen.”

With Trump in charge, Farage said he doesn’t think it would take long to complete the deal.

“I’m told by the bureaucrats in Brussels and I’m told by civil servants in London that it takes five years, or seven years or 10 years to do a trade deal. I think, with this Trump administration, it could be done and dusted in the space of a few months.”