Far-left Democrats are pushing party into uncharted waters: Varney

Socialism is pulling the Democrats apart.

Far-left candidates are pushing toward the center of power, and pushing the party into uncharted waters.

In California, it is pure financial lunacy: Democrat Gavin Newsom, running for governor, wants to give full medical care to all illegal immigrants. California is a sanctuary state, so if you're sick, anywhere in the world, and you just manage to get your foot across the state line, you're home free! Tough on California taxpayers and businesses, but who cares! The left is on the march!

In Florida, Andrew Gillum is the Democrats' far-left candidate for governor. He's a young guy and was supported by another young socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Free college, abolish ICE, Medicare for all and impeach Trump – standard stuff from the socialists, but this candidate has made it to the finale of the Florida governor's race.

In New York, the avowedly socialist Cynthia Nixon scored a lot of points in her debate with Gov. Andrew Cuomo last night. She probably won't win, but she's dragged New York Democrats way over to the left. Cuomo called ICE "a bunch of thugs!”

In New Jersey, the far left has already won. Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy has raised taxes in a state which already pays some of the highest taxes in the land!

So, in four major states, the far left is mounting a serious challenge to the old-guard Democrat establishment. Will this fly with voters? I don't think so. The problem is money. The socialists have not spelled out just how much it’s all going to cost. They ought to be honest – tell us how much we are going to have to pay!

All the pundits say the Democrats win back the House in November. I'm not so sure about that. Do you really want to pick up the tab for these pie-in-the-sky socialist dreamers?