Facebook Bans Woman For Photos Supporting N.C. Bathroom Law

Washington state resident Kristi Merritt got banned from Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) for a week following her posts in support of laws such as the one in North Carolina which states you must use the bathroom of the gender you were born as.

When asked if Facebook told her why she was banned, Merritt told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, “They actually sent me some notifications saying there was some nudity in my photos.  They sent me about 9 photos and told me I needed to remove the nudity, but some of those photos were pictures of cubs and me at the Republican Convention and things like that, so no nudity.”

Merritt then explained the reasoning behind the photos, such as one in which she is dressed up as a pirate and holding a sign saying “Does this make me a pirate?”

“I was trying to show the vast difference between just thinking you’re something or identifying as something versus actually being that something,” said Merritt.

Merritt weighed in on her concerns over privacy and security.

“They are trying to force women and children to give up our rights to privacy and safety,” Merritt said.

Merritt also raised concerns over censorship due to certain clauses in the in laws in Washington state.

“The laws out here in Washington are going as far as to censor our speech and it’s encroaching on our religious freedoms,” Merritt continued, “Our Human Rights Commission is what brought about this rule in Washington and one of the subdivisions of the rule that they made actually says that it’s a violation if we question a man that’s in the bathroom or if we use the wrong pronouns when describing or addressing him or her.”