Ethical Hacker Says Cyberspace is 'Fair Game'

Russian hackers have breached the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee, enabling them to access research on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

One cybersecurity expert says this type of behavior is not uncommon in today’s tech world.

“This isn’t the first time the DNC’s been hit; It’s not going to be the last time,” Tim Summers, an ethical hacker and University of Maryland professor, told the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne.

Summers said other groups have been using the cyber world to hack into ordinary Americans’ lives, as well as the political sphere.

“Groups like ISIS, for example, also use their cyber capabilities to collect information on American civilians,” he said. “Donald Trump just happens to be an incredibly notable American civilian, but in this case we’re seeing that hackers are being utilized in the political space and in the terror space.”

However, Summers said not much can be done to try to curb these types of cyber-attacks because in cyberspace it’s “fair game.” He also commented on what the Russia-tied hacking group could do with the information it obtained on Trump.

“I suspect… they’re going to use this to understand Donald Trump’s foreign dealings, they’re going to try to understand his negotiating tactics, they’re going to try to understand what kind of a president he would make.“