Eric Trump: There is ‘zero collusion with Russia’

Eric Trump, the son of President Trump, said on Sunday the allegations of Russian collusion are false, and that he has not met with special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I’ve said this a million times: The Russia thing is a total sham. It is total nonsense. There is zero collusion with Russia,” Trump told Maria Bartiromo during an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Trump, who serves as executive vice president of the Trump Organization, also criticized Hillary Clinton for her alleged role in overseeing the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to Russia, in what has been called the “Uranium One deal.” Some, including Trump, allege that major donors to the Clinton Foundation have benefitted from the approval of the transaction.

“Are people really naive enough to believe that somebody gave Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state at the time, $145 million for her foundation for nothing? Do people really believe that? And to me it’s such a travesty that that’s not being investigated because there is something there,” Trump said. “The fact that they will look into nonsense, something that didn’t happen, that they will go on tangents for weeks and weeks and weeks about nonsense emails and other things, but they won’t look into hardcore facts—it’s really a travesty. It’s unfair to this nation.”

He added: “We’re selling our uranium, the best uranium in the world, to a country that is a massive nuclear power, that is probably our greatest enemy in that regard … in terms of the nuclear scale—who does that? Who comes up with this judgment that allows that to happen?”

Trump also discussed plans for tax cuts, saying America is “literally dying” for tax reform.

“We’ve become uncompetitive, we’ve lost industry because of it. Wages, under so many years of Obama, have been totally stagnant because of it. We have to get tax reform done,” he said.

The Trump Organization EVP slammed Democratic politicians for saying the legislation would only benefit the wealthy.

“In many cases the wealthy are actually going to pay much more,” Trump explained. “The middle class is going to pay much less … that’s all small business—that’s how you grow this economy. You want the masses to pay less … You want them to be able to invest that money in a meaningful way, which will be much more efficient than our government investing that money.”