Eric Trump on Donald’s ‘Regret’: That’s the Father I Know

Eric Trump says his father and GOP hopeful Donald Trump showed his true colors during a speech on Thursday when, in a campaign first, he expressed regret for “sometimes, in the heat of the debate” saying the “wrong thing.”

“Last night, he gave an awesome speech…I was so proud of him. He came out, and he goes ‘listen, I have made mistakes in the campaign. I’ve probably … said things I shouldn’t [have]’. … That’s the father I know. I mean the guy’s got a heart of gold,” Eric Trump told FBN’s Stuart Varney.

“He’s a politically incorrect guy, where he has never run as a politician, that is not who he is,” he said.

When asked, Eric said that he wasn’t sure if his father would reach out directly to the family of Muslim American war hero and fallen Army Capt. Humayun Khan.

“There were some bad things said about him and there was a little back and forth. My father has been more pro-military and more pro veteran than probably anybody in the history of our country. He thinks it’s a disgrace what’s happening to our vets,” he said.