Entrenched Obama bureaucrats tried to cover for Hillary, destabilize Trump: Varney

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What did Obama know about an alleged spy in Trump campaign?

FBN's Stuart Varney on President Trump calling for the DOJ to investigate allegations the FBI spied on his campaign during the 2016 presidential race.

To quote James Freeman in The Wall Street Journal, "where in the world was Barack Obama?”

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Good question. What did President Obama know about the spy inside the Trump campaign?

What did then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch know about it?

Are we to believe that James Comey, or James Klapper, or John Brennan did it off their own bat, and never told their political masters anything about it?

The bottom line here is that top officials in the Obama team spied on a presidential campaign which they feared, and did not like. You can call this person a spy, or an informant. It doesn't really matter because that kind of surveillance is out of bounds.

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The FBI says it was done for national security reasons. Defending the country. In which case, surely, President Obama was briefed on what was going on. It’s time he was asked "what did you know? And when did you know it?" And, if he was told about it, what did he do? Did he tell 'em to knock it off, this is America! Or did he say, okay, what did you find out?

Of course, very few people thought that Donald Trump would win. Hillary was supposed to be a shoo-in, and none of this would come out. But Trump won, and now the backstory is coming out. It’s really shocking. Entrenched Obama bureaucrats clearly tried to cover for Hillary, and destabilize the new president.

I don't think there's any precedent for the scale of this. And it’s not over.

We are entitled to know who authorized this attack on our democracy.

Last point: This is breaking down on political lines. But the line is shifting. It is shifting in the president's favor. You don't hear "Russia, Russia, Russia" much these days. You hear "Watergate" – that harks back to the Nixon years when the president's team did spy on political opponents.

Now we want to know if the same thing happened in 2016. And the question stands: "Where in the world was Barack Obama?”

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