Enact the Sandy Rule Now

Forget the ‘tax the rich’ Buffett rule.

The government must enact the Sandy rule. Now.

The Sandy rule says simply: “Protect our families and businesses that sit in the direct path of hurricanes, with levees, dams, bulwarks and floodgates, so people don’t die, so America doesn’t look like Venice, and so our fuel terminals for oil and gasoline, our electric grid, and our roads, bridges, trains and subways don’t ever get flooded again.”

Insurance industry studies show that since 1980, hurricanes are picking up in frequency and intensity, and no I don’t believe in Mars wobbles. Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising.

But here in New York City, for years taxpayers have seen big nanny state distractions like Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s ban on big sodas or rules for breast feeding rather than baby formulas, as well as creating bike lanes on city avenues, or rules banning trans fats or salt in foods.

All distractions, when instead all mayors and governors of cities and states on U.S. coasts must protect families and businesses from getting wiped out by hurricanes. Now.