Emmy Awards: Of course they bashed Trump because they don't have humor, Joy Villa says

Politics seemed to take center stage at the 2017 Emmy Awards instead of television. Joy Villa, singer and Trump Campaign Advisory Board member, weighed in telling the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo: “It’s a bunch of Hollywood elitists talking about Hollywood elitists talking about how great Hollywood elitists are. It’s completely relatable to the American public.”

The celebrities’ jabs focused mostly on President Trump, to which Villa responded, “Of course they bashed Trump because they don’t have humor. You know, if Trump was an actor I think they’d actually love him. He’s handsome, he hangs out with models, he’s very confident.” But because he is in the White House, Villa said, “Now he’s enemy number one.”

Villa then compared the Hollywood elitists to a heartbroken teenager, saying on Mornings with Maria:

“You know, you’re sitting at home alone, he didn’t call you, so you’re eating ice cream, you’re calling your friends, you’re saying how much you hate him, you’re cutting up pictures. Well America, I’m sorry, but we’re just not that into you.”

Villa then talked about her new role as a Trump Campaign Advisory Board member.

“I’m hoping to spread the real news about Donald Trump because a lot of people, you know, think the president’s this way and that way and they don’t know what to believe anymore.”

Villa also discussed her experiences helping Harvey victims in Texas, telling Bartiromo, “These people are going to have to rebuild for the next 5 to 10 years, it’s really tragic.”