Elector Bombarded With Thousands of Emails to Flip Vote

Electors are being pressured to turn their back on President-elect Donald Trump and flip their vote to Hillary Clinton. Despite this, Susan Moore, an elector from Florida, says it’s unlikely for anyone’s vote to be swayed.

“I suppose if you wanted to write in someone else, I think it would be unlikely that you would be still seated in the Electoral College. I think you would be replaced,” she told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

The Florida elector says she has received about 1,800 “harassing” and “belligerent” emails and phone calls begging for her to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“I think those emails are based on sort of a misconception. Even though everybody goes out to vote, we tally up numbers as far as the popular vote goes, we are a republic and so the Electoral College is where things happen,” she said.

Moore says she has no plans to flip her vote.