Economics models predict Trump wins re-election in a landslide

President Trump is poised to win the 2020 election in a landslide, according to several economic models that have historically been successful in predicting presidential results.

In a new report from Politico, economic indicators suggest that the president is in a much stronger position than his Democratic counterparts to win re-election.

Fourteen Democrats have already announced their candidacy or exploratory committee for president against Trump, not including unannounced frontrunner former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The Five” cohost Juan Williams doesn’t believe that a solid economy will be enough for Trump to win support, telling FOX Business’ Kennedy on Wednesday that Americans still don’t approve of the president behavior- namely, his tweeting.

“People don’t have a good feeling about it. That’s why right now RealClearPolitics has him at about 40 percent approval,” Williams said. “He’s way under water at about 50 percent-plus disapproval.”

However, political editor Guy Benson argued that the Democratic Party is struggling with identity politics breaking apart their base before the general election.

Axios on Thursday reported that the former vice president is considering packing his candidacy as a dual announcement with Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.


“This would be at least presented by the Biden people a power move of “we’re going to the general, this is the team and we’re going to win,” Benson said. “It’s definitely risky for Joe Biden, and kind of presumptuous.”