Kennedy: Beto O'Rourke is a hypocritical hack

As the presidential world turns, Beto's bumbles are spinning out of control. The almost senator rose to Congress in 2012 when he intrigued Libertarians by riding in on a Tea Party wave of unashamed cost cutting and deficit taming, and called out Obama's "extravagant government" and "out of control debt". He was not wrong, but he abandoned his right principles in favor of a new flavor of lefty Kool Aid: potent progressivism.

It's hard to pin Beto down on what he *really* stands for. Between the clumsy apologies and vacant platitudes, he doesn't seem to have a set of philosophical priorities other than using his goofy ears to do a lot of listening so he doesn't have to make any truly bold policy declarations.

Which makes it odd that the only proposal he *has* endorsed is the worst, most poorly thought out hunk of leftist garbage known as the Green New Deal.

If the Obama era was known for extravagant government, the Green New age is barf-inducing gilded opulence as if Trump Tower married Blac Chyna and out popped a diamond crusted policy baby into a gold toilet. All on credit, of course.

A 90 trillion dollar, multi-pronged, economy-killing, infantile, socialistic spending jag is nothing but unmanageable. If Beto's 2012 self could have a gander at this dumpster fire he not only would've run against it, he would've punched himself in the face and only half apologized. It is the antithesis of what he claimed to be, which makes you wonder.


When will he flip again in spectacular disingenuity to get people to like him on the off chance he earns their vote? Beto is not a transformational political saviour. He is a hypocritical hack who's so lightweight he goes where the wind blows even if it tumbles him and the economy to irreversible hell.