Draper: U.S. “May End Up With 60 States”

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California venture capitalist Tim Draper has been advocating a new solution for the country’s most populous state: divide California and its 38 million people into six separate states.

Last week, California election officials green lit the “Six Californias” initiative, meaning it will appear on the November ballot if 807,000 signatures are garnered by July 14th.  The U.S. Congress would also need to approve the measure, should it eventually win an election. Previous efforts to break up California have failed.

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Draper spoke with FOX Business ahead of his press conference at 3 p.m. PT. The idea is that smaller governments would better serve the public interest.

Says Draper: “local government is better. People are better represented” that way.

“Currently, we’re spending the most for the worst service,” according to Draper. He cited California’s high spending costs on education, despite lackluster results.

The plan has been criticized for being unrealistic. Yet Draper insists that “anything can happen in politics,” reminding that Maine was once a part of Massachusetts. “If it’s the right thing to do it will get into the consciousness of the voter.”

Draper says that California is not the only large state that needs to be broken up. He says that Texas, New York, and Florida may want to create more states. “We may end up with 60 states after all is said and done.”

The six states would be named Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California and South California. This would create four Democrat states and two Republican states, based on the votes from the last presidential election. At $39K per capita income, Silicon Valley would become the nation’s richest state.

“We used to have the greatest state in the world and I believe it can be the greatest state again," he said.

Or, the greatest states.

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