Donald Trump: RNC Debates Stacked with Lobbyists

Trump wouldn’t disclose whether he’s considering a third-party run, but during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo he explained why he is not exactly pleased with the RNC right now.

“I’m very upset with the RNC because every single time we have a debate they have it stacked with special interests and donors and lobbyists… I’m self-funding my campaign. I’m not taking special interest money. I’m not taking lobbyist money… So even though Jeb Bush is down in the polls -- it’s over for him, you know, he walks into the room, everybody gives him a standing ovation, like this tremendous ovation -- same thing with Marco Rubio,” he said.

Earlier on Mornings with Maria, Jeb Bush criticized Trump’s conservative views.

“Donald Trump is not a conservative and he doesn’t have a steadiness necessary to be president. He gets unhinged pretty quick -- you can get under his skin and then he kind of loses it. [He] sounded more like Michael Moore last Saturday than a candidate for the Republican nomination,” said Bush.

Trump responded, “Jeb, you know he’s a lightweight kind of a guy, it’s not going to happen for him and he’s embarrassed -- he’s ashamed to use his last name yet now that he’s losing so badly, he starts bringing in his mother and his brother.”

He also expressed his opinion about Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz is seriously, he’s got a mental problem. Ted Cruz is a liar. He’s got a problem, he’s a liar. I’ve never seen anybody to that extent.”

When asked about Hillary Clinton barking like a dog during her campaign speech he said, “It was a little strange, if I did it, they’d say it’s not presidential. If she does it, they say it’s fine… Not a pretty picture.”