Donald Trump: A President for All Americans


The establishment calls him a B-list entertainer who doesn’t understand policy, a jingoistic cowboy who can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes. Democrats and left-leaning media twist his words about individual liberty, economic empowerment and homeland security into a message of “hate” and “racism.” Opponents warn that his brand of conservatism poses a threat to world peace and social welfare.

The year is 1980 and the “dangerous right-wing radical” is Ronald Reagan. President Carter hopes to distract from his own failed leadership record and run out the clock by exploiting voters’ fear of the unknown. And, for a while, it works.

Just over a week before Election Day, prior to the only debate of the campaign, polls show Reagan trailing by three points. But after being given a chance to contrast his vision for America with President Carter’s in an unbiased setting, Reagan takes a three-point lead and never looks back. Ultimately his 489 electoral vote victory is the greatest landslide for a non-incumbent presidential candidate in history.

Today they’re saying the same things about Donald Trump, and a similar outcome is likely to follow. Reagan bridged the partisan divide to become the greatest modern president, ending a major military conflict and lifting the economy out of a deep malaise. Donald Trump will be the same type of leader, a president for all Americans.

Working Class and Job Creators

Donald Trump is the blue-collar billionaire, a rare combination of someone who understands both the plight of American labor and the conditions necessary to build a successful business. Like Reagan, who supported fair free trade but also believed in protecting American industry from predatory manipulators abroad, Donald Trump recognizes the failure of government overreach and one-sided free trade agreements that have hollowed out jobs in the heartland. In addition, he recognizes the need to provide the right incentives for job creators, starting with fixing the arcane U.S. tax code he understands better than anyone. Reagan sponsored one of the biggest tax cuts ever in 1981 and greatest simplifications of the tax code in 1986. He put a temporary pause on new regulations during his presidency, something we desperately need after President Obama has added another 229 major new regulations costing $108 billion annually, according to the Heritage Foundation. Donald Trump’s economic plan follows the same template as President Reagan’s, and he will be a Swiss Army knife for all stakeholders in the American economy.

Young and Elderly

As a loving father and grandfather, Donald Trump understands what it takes to raise high-achieving children with strong character. He will reform education standards and help retrain our workforce for 21st century jobs, giving choice back to local governments and private citizens. His plans for record infrastructure spending will reduce the burden of deferred maintenance we’re currently passing on to future generations. On the other side of the demographic spectrum, Donald Trump’s pro-growth economic policies and entitlement reforms will put Americans back on a sustainable path to retirement.

Minorities & Whites, Men & Women, Straight & LBGTQ

Donald Trump has a long record of empowering women and minorities, as well as supporting LGBTQ causes. He values all loving familial relationships and wants to keep the federal government out of both your boardroom and bedroom. He also understands the benefits of common-sense legal immigration, but simply wants to restore the rule of law to America’s border. While Hillary Clinton hides from the press and cozies up to the ultra-rich, Donald Trump is going into black churches and Hispanic communities to engage in meaningful, solutions-oriented dialogue.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents

Donald Trump stormed through the most talented Republican primary field in history not by listening to conventional punditry or employing tired strategies, but by offering pragmatic solutions. He will restore Americans’ faith in politics by taking on special interests and cutting through historic polarization with bi-partisan deal-making. He will work with the NRA to pursue levelheaded gun reform and push back against lobbyists to end crony capitalism within the energy industry. Like a true leader, Donald Trump will get everyone in a room, build consensus and make deals.

The great fear among Democrats is a Republican president who exposes the hypocrisy of their sclerotic left-leaning policies. Hillary Clinton is recycling the playbook used against Ronald Reagan in 1980, employing scare tactics in an attempt to make the election about suitability rather than substance. But Americans can see through the smear campaign. A Donald Trump victory would mark the resumption of Reagan’s conservative revolution, wresting power away from the oppressive federal government and putting it back into the hands of American entrepreneurs of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations and socio-economic statuses. He will hammer away at that message for the rest of the campaign.

Come this November, reject the politics of fear and embrace Donald Trump’s aspirational vision for America – because the best is yet to come.

Anthony Scaramucci is a member of Donald Trump’s economic team as well as his national finance committee. He is also the founder and co-managing partner of SkyBridge Capital which oversees $12 billion in assets.

He is co-host of Wall Street Week which airs Friday at 8pm ET on the FOX Business Network.