Dobbs: Trump began fulfilling campaign promises this week

President Donald Trump is taking action this week to deliver on his campaign promises, and to working hard to roll back the mistakes and misguided policies of his predecessor.

President Trump today refused to recertify the Iran nuclear deal, which President Obama called  "historic.” President Trump today warned Republican leaders he will terminate the agreement altogether if Sen. McConnell (R-Ken.) and Rep. Ryan (R-Wis.) fail to restore sanctions on Iran.

Congressional and senatorial ineptitude are forcing President Trump to take action on ObamaCare, with the president cutting off billions of dollars of subsidy payments to health insurers and signing an executive order allowing cross state insurance plans.

This week, President Trump also took action to put his 70-point immigration enforcement plan to work, including demands that must be met if Congress wants a deal on DACA.

And it's clear President Trump means to fix the mess left by President Obama, with or without the help of congressional leaders.

He also met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, nominated a new Department of Homeland Security secretary, and campaigned for tax cuts in Pennsylvania.

All this as the Trump economy rolls on: Markets at record highs and consumer sentiment at the highest level in 13 years.

All these presidential actions threaten the establishment, the swamp; that's why the left, the GOP establishment, big business all hate Trump's success.

And all the while this week, Congress and the Senate lazed about in the D.C. swamp of many critters. It's truly fun to watch..