Dobbs: NFL players' protest exemplifies outrageous conduct

The national left-wing media keeps referring to the NFL players’ various ways of disrespecting our national anthem and flag, and the president's condemnation of their insults to the nation, as a controversy.

There’s absolutely no controversy: The NFL’s management, nearly all of its owners and many of the players are simply wrong, and their conduct is outrageous. Their rationalization of their conduct only adds to the outrage.

As I said here last night, this is no petty dispute between the leftist league and the president and the majority of the fans who support him. This is no mere difference of opinion about the First Amendment. The president decided to defend the nation and our values -- among which is honoring our flag, and all it represents. The NFL, filled with hubris and contempt for its fans, and the nation at least they cherish, has the gall to call the president divisive, when the responsibility for division is that of the leftist league and its players.

Some, particularly in the left-wing media, have already played the race card -- as the left always does in desperate moments. And this is such a moment, never dreaming President Trump would call them out. For too long, patriotic Americans have been forced to watch as president after president took a knee as the national left-wing media and entertainment complex has waged all-out war on America's heritage and our values.

In movies, in television, in commercials, as  parents, particularly fathers, are portrayed as morons, as normal families are mocked. As  right-to-life is ridiculed, as individual dignity, and decency and family values are trampled by Hollywood and yes, the NFL.

The NFL fully expected it could crudely insult every American, insult our heritage and our values, and the left-wing media laughed as they did so.

That is, until President Trump was elected on the simple idea that being a citizen means more than being a consumer, that the people must govern, that corporate America and special interests will not rule America.

His stunning electoral victory means we don't have to bow in the face of monopolies such as the NFL, a greed-driven institution hell bent on forcing its radical ideology on the nation even as it feasts on taxpayer dollars to fund stadiums where players will be encouraged to insult our sacred heritage and precious national values.

Make no mistake, the left means to tear down everything we hold sacred, and to subvert President Trump and his administration because they fear him, because they know he will stand up against all enemies of our great nation, fearing none.

President Trump won't kneel before any enemy of America, and he won't hide when there are enemies to be defeated. Most of America now stands with him.