Dobbs: John Bolton -- a 'great American' -- served Trump well

There is a widening differential between the America as described by the national, left-wing media and the America in the world in which most of us live.

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And a commensurate gap between President Trump's historic accomplishments and the caricature of the president drawn by both the leftist media and the radical Dems who so viciously attack Mr. Trump in the mad, continuing obsession to not only to block his agenda, to slow his achievements, to somehow, no matter how vicious or craven the means, prevent his reelection in 2020.

The president, at this critical moment, has successfully maneuvered the Chinese into a new reality that replaces their now-defunct obsession of world domination. Iran understands the economic power of America and understands because of President Trump. They don't want to ever test our military power at all.

Afghanistan, North Korea and the worldwide deployment of our troops are the legacy of decades of American arrogance and inertia of bureaucracies that have inhabited our state department for years, and visionless leaders in the White House.

John Bolton served this president well, and we thank him for his service.


And now, a new national security adviser will be chosen by President Trump who will execute the president's strategies and vision with the same success and commitment to Mr. Trump's values and vision as John Bolton, a great American.