Disney displays a double standard: Varney

In the last 24 hours, the media's contempt for President Trump has been on full display. Whether you like this president or not, there is no excuse for this. The media is biased to a degree we've never seen before.

How could ESPN re-hire the hatemonger, Keith Olbermann? He's got a foul mouth and he's called the president a Nazi, among other things. But he's back, and he's working for Bob Iger, the head of Disney, who just fired Roseanne Barr because of her racist tweet. Disney displays a double standard.

Same with the ESPN anchor who called our president a white supremacist. She works for Disney and Iger, but she wasn't fired. Nor did she apologize to the president who she had so grossly insulted.

When the president signed the "right to try" bill into law yesterday, the media largely turned away. That’s absurd. It is important legislation, offering some hope to many people with no hope. But you see it’s a positive story for the Trump administration. That’s why most of the media ignored it. It’s not just how they cover the news. It’s what they consider to be news worth presenting to you.

Remember the president's speech in Tennessee Tuesday night? It was a big, enthusiastic crowd. The New York Times didn't see it that way. They reported just 1,000 people were there. Totally, factually, wrong. It was a packed crowd of more than 5,000.

One last one, and this is anecdotal: John Brabender is a conservative who frequently appears on CNN, MSNBC and NPR. In today's Wall Street Journal, he describes the liberals who appear with him on these left-leaning networks. They all believed the election of Donald Trump was a catastrophe. That it’s their job to get him out of the Oval Office any way they can. And, he's mentally ill.

That, in a nutshell, is how so many in the media see, and treat, President Trump. There's nothing new here. Their contempt has been evident since Mr. Trump declared his candidacy. It's not going away – it’s too deeply ingrained.

But it’s not working. Trump's approval rating is at its best level in more than a year, and Republicans have almost caught up with Democrats in generic congressional polls.

Rarely has the reputation of any institution fallen so far and so fast, as that of America’s media.