Democrats will give us ObamaCare on steroids: Varney

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Varney on GOP health reform: Something is better than nothing

FBN's Stuart Varney on the GOP Senate health care bill.

Republican leaders on Tuesday postponed a vote on the Senate health care bill until next month after nine members within the party expressed opposition.

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According to the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, “If their division continues, we the people are stuck with a collapsing system and the likelihood of even worse to come.”

In his opinion, if Republicans don’t pass a bill, it will “open the door” to Democrats getting their way on health care legislation.

Senator Schumer will give us ObamaCare on steroids,” he said.

While sweeping health care reform on the part of the GOP is proving to be a challenge, Varney said passing “something is better than nothing.”

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He added that Republicans’ inability to pass a bill in the Senate would have further reaching implications outside of health care.

“The Republican Party would be stuck with failure—failure to govern, failure to support the president’s growth agenda [and] failure to keep the promises they made.”

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