Democrats still haven’t learned their lesson after Hillary’s defeat: Kennedy

Democrats are feeling very confident about their midterm chances because of history and the president's mercurial nature, but they should pull their big heads outta their butts if they're going to stand a chance of winning the big White House in 2020.

They are a party without a leader, a message and a frontrunner, and the clock is ticking for the doddering donkeys to find any of the three.

Back in 2014, Hillary not only had the DNC in a headlock, she had a flourishing, cash-packed super PAC, all while getting fitted for her golden throne. And this from an unlikable harpy who almost got beat by Bernie Sanders.

You'd think the Democrats would learn from their mistakes and try and replicate some of what they did right last time around, but instead they're playing musical chairs as the tour of boobs does a protracted cake walk through apathetic President Obama's D.C. office.

Let me be clear: Obama ain't running, his legacy is in shards on the White House floor, and he was burned by picking Mrs. Glass Ceiling over Uncle Joe Biden.

But the parade continues as Biden, Liz Warren, Deval Patrick and a host of others kiss his reluctant ring hoping some of that 2008 hope-and-change pixie dust rubs off on their crowded corner of the field.

Democrats are confident they can take on Trump, and of course everyone is beatable, but if they can't pick a pony and a message, they don't have a shot to win the big race that will be in full swing in less than a year.

Counting on the president's unpopularity is not a winning strategy. Just read through the lines of every pathetic page of "What Happened" to know how losing feels when you underestimate your opponent believing you're a sure thing.