Democrats shut the government to support illegals: Varney

Yes, it is the "Schumer Shutdown.”

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The senator made the political calculation that it would be blamed on the Republicans. He thought a shutdown now would help Democrats in November. And he wanted to distract the country from President Trump's obvious successes with tax cuts, the economy and the stock market's $8 trillion rally. And, he wanted to spoil the president's first anniversary in office. The Schumer Shutdown. Pure politics.

And wrong. Three days in, and it’s not going Sen. Schumer's way. The Republicans are not getting the blame. The public is not being seriously inconvenienced. The stock market is shrugging it off.

Instead, we the people are seeing the light: Sen. Schumer is shutting down the legal government of the United States, in the interests of illegal immigrants. Go back just a couple of years, and Bill and Hillary Clinton and Chuck, all wanted to stem the tide of illegals. Now, a 180 ... They'll shut the government to support illegals.

Let me address this personally ... Clearly, I am an immigrant. A legal immigrant. I filled out the forms. I stood in line, got the medical reports ... got a police certificate from every place in the world I’ve lived in for more than six months, and I’ve lived all over the world, and I pay a lot in tax to the legal government of the United States. And that government is shut down in order to favor illegals.

I think President Trump is going to win this one ... The border will be controlled. Chain migration and the lottery will end. And, because we are a generous people, the Dreamers will stay.

If you're just joining us, the news is this: Neither the market nor the economy have been affected by this shutdown. But politically, we may be at an "emperor has no clothes" moment. Sen. Schumer's bluff has been called. In the Trump-era, if you shut down the government to support people who are here illegally, you lose.