Democrats have no plan, just a strategy of oppose: Varney

The president's speech was upbeat and positive. The Democrats’ response was not. I'll chalk this up as a win for the president. The TV audience liked it.

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Polls from CBS and CNN, not exactly Trump supporters, showed strong approval. But throughout the speech, the Democrats sat on their hands, in what looked like angry silence.

Inside the chamber, the look on Rep. Nancy Pelosi's face was instructive. She did not approve—of anything. That’s the face of resistance to all things Trump.

Sen. Chuck Schumer was pretty much the same. No applause. Grim face. That’s the face of no compromise.

More extreme was Rep. Luis Gutierrez. He stormed out of the chamber when the crowd chanted U.S.A.

And when the president mentioned a deal for the Dreamers, there were actually boos.

What a contrast. President Trump touted the economy's strong performance. Good news for everyone. He reached out, looking for a deal on immigration and infrastructure. He was presidential.

But the Democrats were having none of it. Frankly, they still looked like sore losers, more than a year after the election.

But the question remains: What would they do if a Democrat were in the White House? Raise taxes? Open the border? Appease North Korea? I don't know. And neither do they. They have no plan, just a strategy of oppose. Everything.

Not a winning strategy. Last night, the Democrats lost and President Trump won.