Democrats Don't Get Economic Growth: Stuart Varney

Same old, same old.... Democrats can't escape identity politics. At a House Committee hearing on tax reform, Democrats just couldn't get away from groupthink... To the left, tax reform is not about moving the whole country forward. No. It’s about groups of people and how they will vote.

The witnesses were lined up, ready to answer questions on how tax rates affect growth. Very important subject. We need growth!

Representative John Lewis (D-GA) said this: "I don't see any African American, Latino, Asian American or Native American. I don't see any women speaking up.” You can't discus growth without hearing from every single Democrat constituency?

Representative Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) said this: "I hope we don't continue to have meetings where we only have panelists who represent a narrow set of interests.” America is a narrow set of interests?

Representative Davis said this: "I think the information we have received sounds great, but it also comes from not enough diversity".

Really! The American point of view is not valid. It’s only valid if it is voiced by, and gets the support of every single interest group. Talk about driving us apart.

Let’s be clear: tax reform is designed to get the economy going. We are all part of it. We will all benefit from growth. All of us.

But the Democrats can't accept that. Their priority is not growth. They know they will lose their grip on women, Hispanics and African Americans if tax cuts create more jobs and better pay for women, Hispanics and African Americans. So they appeal to these constituents and say: you're being left don't want this!

Welcome to the Clinton/Obama Democrat Party. Still wedded to groups, not the country. Divisive, cynical. Same old, same old.....

And by the way.....there's one form of diversity that democrats don't care for...diversity of opinion.....