Democrats’ dishonest tax bill spin scaring middle-class Americans: Varney

A young woman contacted me this morning and said she was worried that she would have to pay more in taxes. She's middle income. She's middle class. Why would she think she'd be paying more? Because she'd heard Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, tell her that "the tax bill raises taxes on 86 million middle-class households".

To say Ms. Pelosi had been "economical with the truth" is an understatement, but the Democrats’ dishonest spin, repeated endlessly in the media, has clearly had an effect. Because of constant repetition, some people believe this nonsense.

And there's a lot more to come. According to The Washington Post, the Democrats are planning a year-long assault on the tax plan.

They are pouring millions of dollars into ad campaigns that will portray tax cuts as a corporate give-away, rigging the economy in favor of the wealthy.

Well, let’s see how this works out. Pay checks will go up. Several big companies have already announced bonuses, more jobs, and higher wages because of the tax plan. Tens of millions have already benefitted from the stock rally that has fattened their pension plans.  And the Democrats are in lock-step against it all. They are saying no to growth!

I wonder, as prosperity returns, and I believe it will.... Can the left maintain its united opposition? I think not....barring the door to economic well-being is surely not a good election strategy.