Democrats can’t win by attacking tax cuts: Kennedy

More polls are pouring in from battleground districts across the country, and the Republican tax plan is becoming quite popular.

The numbers in December were dismal, and Republicans were under water with big promises and Democratic messaging that foretold of middle class plunder and ruin. Well, that hasn't happened, and now that people are seeing fatter paychecks and more benjamins, they're realizing they weren't kicked in the jimmy as promised.

The problem for the hag who cried wolf is reality. You can't tell people something is bad if they know it's good, and as the law becomes more popular, it could make an uphill climb an insurmountable Everest for desperate donkeys who want the majority back so bad they'd sell a kidney and a pack of lies to conquer by just one seat.

So false narratives, resistance and hysterics haven't worked on taxes, so where can Dems go next? Logicville. Their big sell is actually the right one: you can't keep spending money and blowing up the deficit if you want to protect future generations from owing a big, fat credit card bill to China. It's true, but it's also laughable.

Deficit spending is like heroin-coated crack for Democrats. They're not only addicted to it, it's the basis of their existence, and without it, they'll go into withdrawals and die.

It has embattled Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly clutching his pearls, rambling on and on about Chinese debt and broke grandkids.

Joe, where the hell were you during the Obama years when he irresponsibly racked up $9 trillion in national debt with no way to offset or pay for it?! Trust me, Republicans are no longer responsible fiscal stewards, but this hypocrisy is laughable!

Democrats know they're in a pickle with a message that only highlights their collective weakness. With leadership this inept, they're stupidly grasping at straws that just might break the donkey's back.