Democrats can't control their venomous rhetoric: Dobbs

FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs on Wednesday explained how Democrats are hurting their chances to be competitive in the midterm elections by continuously trying to boot President Donald Trump out of office.

“The Democrats have been carrying out a campaign of ignorance and scorched Earth mindlessness since President Trump was elected…The left has made outrageous calls for impeachment since day one, despite no evidence of any kind of collusion or obstruction,” Dobbs said.

Some Democrats are now backing a bill proposed by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), which could force a president out of office if he/she were found mentally or physically unfit.

“More than two dozen delusional Democrats pushing a bill to create a Congressional commission that would declare a president unfit for office. That is how desperate, how lost the Democrats are, standing for nothing other than obstruction, nastiness and nonsense,” Dobbs said.